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Suicide Prevention

If you are concerned about an individual in crisis or who is suicidal, please refer to our crisis support webpage

The Jordan School District prioritizes suicide prevention and works with several community partners to prevent suicide in our communities. The Jordan School District has partnered with Hope4Utah in taking steps to provide community-wide education and prevention resources.

Jordan School District's Health and Wellness Team has created the following diagram to represent our approach to promoting individual wellness and suicide prevention. The three components – school teams, community connections & partnerships, and district supports – all work together to support each individual. The three components wrap individuals in a heart shape as a symbol of the necessity of caring and connection for each individual's wellbeing. We believe that our schools are one source of caring and connection for individuals in our communities.

For detailed information on suicide awareness, refer to this pamphlet created by one of our community members who is passionate about suicide prevention.


Suicide Prevention Training in Jordan School District


Jordan School District has chosen to prioritize training on suicide prevention. At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, every teacher received specialized training on a number of topics, including suicide prevention. This included deepened training for all counselors and psychologists from experts on the subject.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Training in Jordan School District in JSD Communities

To further this effort, Jordan School District has invested in an evidence-based training program called Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR). QPR is meant to be a simple methodology for helping someone who may be suicidal. Over the next few years, several trainings will be offered in QPR for all District employees as well as trainings for community members. Several counselors and psychologists in our District have earned QPR Trainer Certification in order to offer this training to all employees.

Beginning in the Winter of 2018, a QPR training will be held monthly for parents and community members through the Jordan Family Education Center.

Also, several of our community partners (i.e. South Jordan, Herriman, Riverton, West Jordan) offer QPR trainings in your local communities and at local libraries! Please refer to your local city leadership for information on what your community is doing for suicide prevention and if there is a QPR training near you!

Click the images below for information from some of our partners in suicide prevention 

American foundation for suicide preventionHope4UtahAmerican association of suicidoogyUtah Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkitutah suicide prevention coalitionThe Trevor Project


Social Media and Suicide Prevention

Things to know about "13 Reasons Why" and how to safely talk to young people about this series