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Jordan Health and Wellness

If you are concerned about someone in a crisis, please use the links to the right or call 911

Jordan District prioritizes student and staff wellness.

Connect with our District Wellness Team to draw from our abundance of school, community, and District resources.

Need help finding mental health resources?

Download the spreadsheet below to compare and contrast multiple mental health providers in the community or talk to your school counselor, school psychologist, or school-based therapist.

Jordan School District Community Mental Health Provider Spreadsheet

Proveedores de Salud Mental de la Comunidad

This mental health provider list has been compiled and updated by the Jordan Health and Wellness Team in English and Spanish to provide information on mental health providers in our community. If you have questions about using or navigating this document, please contact Kevin Mossel at

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What can you find on this website?

Other resources on this website can be found to support students and families by providing current resources for mental health, including suicide prevention resources, tips for understanding and managing anxiety and depression, help with grief/loss or self-harm, general tips for happiness & wellbeing (including our Wellness Wednesday posts), tools for social and emotional learning, and a page for educators which includes important forms and documents.