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Social and Emotional Learning

Jordan School District is committed to supporting each individual's development of Social and Emotional Skills. There will be several resources and tools that support students, educators, and families in developing these skills accessed through this website.

To guide this process, the District has defined Social and Emotional Learning Skills to provide clear targets that each individual can work to develop. These standards were developed using CASEL's framework, which is the leading authority on social and emotional learning.


For FREE At-Home Social and Emotional Learning Resources, please check out the following links

Download the MyStrength App for FREE, using the steps below

  1. Go to and click “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner.
  2. When prompted for an Access Code, enter: UDHSguest33
  3. Complete the registration to create your own unique myStrength homepage

Move This World has a Free At-Home Social Emotional Learning Video Resource

LifeLaunch University online course

Parent's Guide to Resilience from Why Try 

Free Wellbeing in education resources for Elementary  and Secondary Students from the Institute of Positive Education

Finding Resilience in Hard Times

Free Meditations from Calm

Aperture Free Social and Emotional Learning At-Home Resource Kit

SEL Resources for Second Step At Home 

Second Step Free Lessons


Click HERE to access all of the information shared at our first Social and Emotional Learning Accelerator